Document Customisation Service

Our manual contains many specimen documents which we give you permission to copy, customise and use in your own business only.

However, our students have told us that they don’t always have the time or resources to change the forms to suit their own agency.

Some students have also said they can’t afford to purchase the 2-part forms, which are printed externally, because they only have small start up budgets.

In response to these requests we have developed our Document Customisation Service.

For only £197 (plus VAT) we’ll provide you with downloadable documents that you can open and print on your computer.  We will also add your company details to the appropriate documents:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company telephone number(s)
  • Company email address
  • Company logo (you supply the logo and we will add it)


Here’s a full list of the documents we’ll provide to you:

  • Client Agreement (just add your own terms of business using the advice we provide in our manual)
  • Cleaner Terms of Association Agreement
  • Quarterly Standing Order Mandate
  • Cleaner Weekly Earnings Declaration
  • Cleaner Earnings Receipt Record
  • Key Security Deposit
  • Cleaner Application Form
  • Cleaner Task List
  • Worker Information Booklet
  • Client Information Booklet
  • Declaration of Income Form
  • Declaration of Self Employment
  • Client Enquiry Form
  • Cleaner Telephone Pre-Vetting Form
  • Cleaner Interview, Vetting and Training Record
  • Cleaner Reference Request (previous employer)
  • Cleaner Reference Request (character reference)
  • Client Marketing Cards Drop Report
  • Client Record
  • Cleaner Allocation Record
  • Cleaner Weekly Earning Schedule (spreadsheet)
  • Fee Payment Schedule (spreadsheet)

Remember the documents will be provided to you in a downloadable format, so that you can open, save and print them on your own computer / printer.  This will save you many hours of work and hundreds of pounds in expensive external printing costs.

To take advantage of this offer simply click on the Buy Now button below:

For your added security and convenience your payment will be processed through Paypal’s secure payment system.

Once we have received your payment one of our team will contact you to discuss your precise requirements.

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