Trade Price Printing

Cleaning Business Trade PrintingAnother advantage of buying our package is that we can offer trade price printing on your forms, stationery and marketing materials  When we first started our cleaning business I think we spent well over a week writing copy, developing artwork, visiting printers and getting quotes.  Looking back it was not time well spent as it delayed our launch and we did not buy our print at the most competitive prices compared with the prices we enjoy today.

You don’t have to suffer with this problem because you can take advantage of the arrangements we have in place with our trade printers.  Our current printing agreement prices are published in our manual making it easy for you to budget for expenses and also to allow you to compare us with your local printers if you wish.  Don’t forget our prices include free delivery within the UK mainland and free minor artwork alterations.  By minor we mean adding your company name, address, contact details and logo to our existing artwork.

How are we able to do this?

1) We use trade printers who are specialists in their own right  For example, if we need multipart forms and client marketing cards we would use completely different printers to save money.  Don’t worry we coordinate everything for you so you only need to deal with us.

2) Our trade printers hold the artwork files so there is no need for you to pay to have this reproduced.   We’ve already paid for the artwork so you don’t have to – it’s simply a question of substituting your company details.  It also means you don’t have to proof read pages of artwork which will save you a lot of time and frustration.

3) We place many orders with our trade printers therefore they give us volume discounts which everybody benefits from.

We have introduced this service as a convenience to our clients, to say thank you for buying Cleaning Goldmine, but there is absolutely no requirement on your part to use this optional benefit.  However, when you first start a cleaning business I’d certainly recommend you focus on the smoothest and quickest possible launch therefore outsourcing your print is one way to do this and at the same time saving you money.

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