The Complete Blueprint For Starting A Successful Cleaning Business

What’s In The Manual?

CLEANING GOLDMINE COVER PAGEWe’ve designed our training manual to cover every important aspect of starting a cleaning agency in the UK.

The manual follows a logical sequence from the business start up, through to launch and then onto the day to day running of your business.  We spent months researching and launching our own business, but now all of our knowledge has been distilled and recorded in Cleaning Goldmine to fast track your success.  Infact its entirely possible to be collecting your first client fees within a couple of weeks of starting your cleaning business.

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Here’s a summary on what’s included in the Cleaning Goldmine manual:

Part 1 – How a Cleaner Introduction Business Works:

  • Your roles and responsibilities.
  • Services provided by your company.
  • How to get paid automatically without having to chase up your clients.
  • How to avoid the costly red tape suffered by your competitors.
  • How to blow your competitors out of the water on price and service.
  • Typical customer profiles explained.

Part 2 – Setting Up Your Business:

  • How to carry out effective market research to find the most client and cleaner rich areas.
  • The secret but legal way to find out exactly what your competitors are up to.
  • How to set competition busting client and cleaner rates.
  • What expenses to include in your start up and ongoing budgets.
  • Deciding how much money you want to generate.
  • How to choose an effective business name for your cleaning business.
  • How to select a business bank account.
  • Sole trader, Partnership or Limited Company?  We discuss the pro’s and con’s.
  • The essential ingredients for watertight client and cleaner contract forms.
  • What insurances do you really need?
  • Setting up your accounts and appointing an accountant.
  • Our detailed pre-launch checklist to make sure you cover everything in the right sequence.

Part 3 – Post Launch Phase:


  • Who wants to work as a cleaner and what motivates them?
  • Where to advertise to get a constant stream of cleaners wanting to work for you.
  • How to deal with cleaner enquiries (we provide a ‘must have’ script to filter out unsuitable candidates).
  • How to vet cleaners effectively (we show you the best way to find good, honest and reliable workers for your cleaner introduction service).
  • How to interview cleaners.
  • Where to interview cleaners.
  • How to train cleaners (we provide a comprehensive cleaner information booklet for you to use).
  • Signing cleaners up (we provide a specimen agreement for you to use).
  • What to do when you have cleaners but don’t have clients to allocate to them yet.
  • How to handle any cleaner problems.


  • How to identify lucrative client rich areas.
  • How and where to market your services so you’re never short of client enquiries.
  • How to deal with client enquiries (we give you a script to present a professional image and secure appointments).
  • Presenting your services to clients (full presentation included to get them eating out of your hand).
  • How to deal with client objections (we cover typical objections and how to counter them).
  • Signing clients up (we provide a specimen client agreement and bank mandate for you to use).
  • Familiarising the client with how to get the best out of the cleaner and your service (comprehensive client booklet included for you to use).
  • What to do when you have clients but don’t have cleaners to service them yet.
  • How to handle any client problems.

Part 4 – The Day to Day Running of Your Cleaner Introduction Service:

Organisation and Records:

  • How to organise yourself so that your business runs smoothly.
  • What records and files to set up.
  • Types of client or cleaner enquiries that may occur and how to deal with them.
  • Guidance on day to day routine procedures.

Part 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to deal with the most common questions that people have, but please feel free to contact us if you require any further information.  Don’t forget our package includes 30 days of unlimited email support.

Part 6 – Cleaning Forms & Records:

We provide specimens of all our forms, records, scripts and presentations including:

  • Cleaner Agreement
  • Cleaner Application Form
  • Cleaner Recruitment Cards
  • Cleaner Telephone Pre-Vetting Form
  • Cleaner Interview, Vetting and Training Record
  • Cleaner Reference Request
  • Cleaner Declaration of Income Form
  • Cleaner Declaration of Self Employment
  • Cleaner Earnings Forms & Records
  • Cleaner Allocation Record
  • Client Marketing Cards
  • Client Enquiry Form
  • Client Presentation
  • Client Agreement
  • Client Bank Mandate
  • Client Record
  • Cleaning Task List
  • Key Security Deposit
  • Marketing Drop Report
  • Schedule of Charges
  • Competitor Market Research Summary Form
  • Pre-launch Checklist
  • Local Newspaper Advertising Information
  • Fee Payment Schedule

In itself this package of intellectual property is worth thousands of pounds and took six months to put together, but when linked to the system and procedures we describe in the manual we believe it represents a powerful blueprint of how to start a cleaning business in the UK.

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