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Cleaning Agency WebsiteOne of biggest expenses when starting a cleaning business is building and hosting a website.  Nowadays a website is essential for attracting new customers and establishing credibility.

If you do not have the time or inclination to build your own website we would be happy to provide you with a fully featured, custom-designed, 11 page website for just £199 (plus VAT).  This offer includes website hosting and maintenance for 12 months.

We believe this represents incredible value because a website with similar functionality would cost you in the region of £500 to £1,000 if you were to use a web designer.

Take a look at the pages and functionality we’ve included:

  • Our Services – Allows you to explain the scope of services you provide.
  • About Us – Tell customers about yourself and how you run your business.
  • Contact Us – Allows customers to send you a simple contact form asking for more information.
  • Call Back Request – Allows customers to send you a simple contact form asking for a call back.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Your chance to list common questions and answers about your business.
  • Tips & Advice – Add value by giving free information to customers.
  • Testimonials – Add testimonials you have received from your customers to help build trust in your service.
  • Cleaner Recruiment – Allows cleaners to send you a simple contact form when they want a job.
  • Anti-spam Policy – Tells customers that you hate SPAM (junk emails).
  • E-mail Policy – Reassures customers by telling them that you will keep their email details confidential.
  • Privacy Policy – Reasures customers by explaining how you collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information.
  • We can also include social media buttons and a map showing your location if you wish.

The website design and layout are pre-set; we simply add your specific company information and content which you provide to us.  We add your company name, address (if required), telephone number and email address to your website header and also include your company logo if you provide one.  You may also supply us with up to 5 images to include on your site design, as this will make it look unique and professional.  If you do not own the image it is important that you have permission to use it and pay any fees that may be due.  To find images you just have to put the term ‘royalty free images’ into a Google search and you will have plenty of image hosting sites to choose from; some even offer free trials from time to time.

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For a professional touch, we provide up to 5 domain specific email addresses to match the domain name you have chosen.  These can be easily accessed through webmail. The site will also be optimised to give you the very best chance of high page rankings within Google and other search engines for local search terms.  We also privide free hosting for 12 months.

Are there any additional charges?

  • If you want to make changes to your site after the initial set up, we charge an administration fee of £20 (plus VAT) per change request.  This means you can make as many content changes as you like for £20 (plus VAT) providing you tell us about them at the same time.
  • After the first 12 months we charge £100 (plus VAT) per year to cover the cost of admin and site hosting.  We will send you a reminder giving you the option to renew or cancel.
  • You will need to buy a domain name for your website.  Domain names cost less than £10 per year.  Don’t worry we provide instructions on how to purchase your domain name.

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Why You Need A Website

1) On-line Presence is Essential

If you do not have a web presence it is handing a massive advantage to your competitors.  Why is this happening? Well, using the internet to find local cleaning services is convenient, fast and it often yields far more current and relevant results.  Your start up cleaning business needs to be in the mix to be competitive.

2) Works for You 24 hours a Day, All Year Round

When you’ve finished work for the day or go on holiday, your website continues to act as a fantastic salesman for your cleaning business.

3) Cheaper than Other Forms of Advertising

Traditional print based media advertising can be expensive compared to promoting your cleaning business via the internet, because of product and distribution costs.

4) Establishes Business Credibility

Nowadays most potential clients expect you to have a website.  Unfortunately they may dismiss your cleaning business as a small, backward looking or even untrustworthy if you don’t have one.  When designing your marketing materials you should refer to your website so clients can learn more about you and your cleaning business.

5) Provides an On-Line Brochure to Entice Clients

Your website represents a snap shot of your company to potential clients. One of its functions is to act as a good sales brochure to excite, reassure and get customers wanting to know more.

6) Changing Your Content is Fast and Easy

Compared with other forms of promotion a website is relatively easy to update.  If you’ve just put an advertisement in Yellow Pages you’re stuck with it for 12 months.

7) Allows Interaction with Potential Clients

Modern websites allow many opportunities to interact with potential clients.  For example you could put a video on your home page with a welcome message or to a promote a special offer.  You could add a free advice page on stain removal or offer customers a monthly newsletter to build rapport with your audience. You should also include a contact or booking form.

8) Acts as a ‘Recruitment Sergeant’ for Potential Cleaners

When cleaners are looking for work they will often search on-line.   They are more likely to apply to your cleaning business if your site is professsional and high in the search rankings.

9) Allows Customer Email Addresses to be Captured

Your website should be constructed to collect client email addresses thus making it easy to stay in contact with them.  This allows you to promote other revenue generating services if you wish.

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